...The most unique new product on the market. Down Wind Scents, LLC. introduces BUCK FOAM and BUCK-CANO This new product is discharged from a small can with an easy to use nozzle, allowing foam to be dispensed without ever touching the product. The small can is also very easily tucked away into a backpack or the hunters pocket for reuse.
Some of the advantages of the foam is that it has longevity after it has been dispensed from the can. The foam also gives an substantial amount of surface area to catch the wind and carry the scent in extended range from the application sight. Which cannot be matched by any scent product on the market today. The most significant advantage of this product is that it allows the foam to be dispensed without contamination of your hunting area with human scent.

.....If the whole can were to be dispensed the foam would give coverage of an area approximately 24 inches long by 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall. The longevity of the foam depends on humidity and temperature. Average time span for the foam to dissipate is 4 to 6 hours. As the foam dissipates and the bubbles pop it releases the lure to the atmosphere. The foam also has a unique attribute as well. When dispensed on the branches or leaves of trees, the urine that is in the foam formulates at the end of the foam, the liquid droplets then fall to the ground. Foam scent can also be applied to mock scrapes, deer trails, or used as a cover scent to eliminate human odor.

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