Down Wind Scentís Apple Scent
by Staff Report ē October 28, 2010
Deer like these apples.
By Bowhunting Staff Report

Down Wind Scentís new curiosity Apple Scent smells sweet enough to draw deer in all season long.

Available in either the Buck-Cano pocket-sized canister that disperses foam directly into the air covering a large surface area with scent, or in the Buck-Foam dispenser that discharges a thick foam that stays potent and emits sweet apple scent for up to eight hours.

Contact: Down Wind Scents, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 549, Severna Park, MD 21146; (877) 647-8451.

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Down Wind Scents Adds Tarsal To Scent Dispensers
by the Bowhunter Editorial Staff ē November 4, 2010 ē

By the Bowhunter Editorial Staff

Down Wind Scentsí Buck Foam and Buck-Cano are now available in Tarsal Gland scent. Best results occur when itís used during the peak of the rut. Apply the long-lasting Foam to mock scrapes, existing scrapes, deer trails, and around your treestand or ground blind. For wind-powered attraction, use the Buck-Cano to release this territorial scent into the air.

Contact: Down Wind Scents, 1-877-647-8451, www.downwindscents.com.

Read more: http://www.bowhunter.com/newproducts_bh0711_new-dwscents.html#ixzz2albrqoew
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Down Wind Scents...Rising Above All Others

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